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Agility is found in all sports. With specific drills, and muscle isolation being our primary focus, increasing your agility has never been so quick!

Finding the balance between explosive power and great form. With weight specific excersises and techniques, we can and will make your body and mind stronger.

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With form running technique training, along with explosive development, let us get you moving at your full potential.

​​At S.A.S. Sports Training, athletes benefit from three major advantages that you won't find elsewhere. Our facility in Jupiter, Florida includes a weight room, basketball court, and a bermuda grass outdoor field.


Our staff knows what it takes to get you to the next level because they have played at the top level for their dedicated sport. Our programs consist of proprietary & shared training methods specific to sport, position and movement. Let us take your game to the next level at S.A.S. Sports Training.


​​Whether you're a weekend warrior, cross fit enthusiast, Boot Camp expert or looking for new ways to improve your bodies health and well being, we have customized work out plans to help get you the results you expect.


With a team atmosphere along with disciplined guidance, S.A.S. will get your body in the shape it deserves. We utilize indoor and outdoor facilites. 



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Professional Sports Training

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