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SAS Trainers,


We would like to express our appreciation for what you have done for our 8 year old son.

Dawson loves coming to train with you! It’s always a little bit different which keeps him from getting bored. We have noticed a difference in his energy level, his endurance, his quickness, his strength, his skill set, his footwork, his agility, and most importantly his self-confidence. The training has helped him in his overall athleticism that has translated over into his soccer, flag football, and PE classes. The best part of this training has been to watch our son gain self-confidence.


Thank you for making him feel important. Many times he has been the youngest kid training, but you’ve gone out of your way to make him feel special. We will continue to spread the word about your program and the ways it has benefited our son.




Thanks again,



-Bill and Shirley McLaughlin

Our Greatest Success Is Our Customer Satisfaction!

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